Who are we من نحن

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم

Ashaadibi Education & Cultural Centre is a registered Charity, Mosque, Educational Institute, and Community Organisation providing much-needed community services in the heart of Tower Hamlets Borough to the Muslim community. 

The charity was started by local Tower Hamlets parents with the vision of Safeguarding Children’s Identity, Culture, and Heritage and most importantly raising well-rounded citizens in Tower Hamlets.

Who was Ashaadibi الشاطبي


Our charity is named after a European scholar [ Al-Qasim Al-Shatibi also known as Ashaadibi] 

Ashaadibi was born in 538 AH in the city of Shatiba Andalucia in Spain. 

Ashaadibi lost his eyesight early on in life. As a young person he went on to pursue the study of religious sciences. From an early age he showed exceptional intelligence and precision that manifested his genius in everything he studied and memorised. 

Ashaadibi learnt from prominent scholars of his time, Imam Ashaadibi was an inspirational educator who was proficient in both Qur’anic recitation and interpretation. 

He was well-versed in the hadiths (Prophetic reports) and was an eminent grammarian, linguist, and literary figure. Ashaadibi was able to accomplish so much in his time, despite him being blind. 

On the 28th of Jamad-ul-Awwal, 590AH, after the ʿAṣr prayer, this huge ocean of knowledge took his last breath. Abū Isḥāq, the orator of Egypt led the funeral prayer. Imam Ashaadibi is buried in the cemetery of Qurafah, in Egypt.

Indeed, Islam is a religion of tolerance, for it respects every culture, religion, race, gender, and individuals with disabilities. As Imam Ashaadibi was non-Arab, originally from Spain, and was blind, no demoralisation or dejection was expressed by anyone. 

What we do – Aims

Ashaadibi Education and Cultural Centre
  • Helps families living in Tower Hamlets, from a wide range of backgrounds, especially those on low income or facing other forms of cultural or social disadvantage to become independent, to access services that can help them to cultivate skills, with great importance on supporting the needs of Somali families and promoting social cohesion within the wider community.
  • Advances the Islamic faith and advance education of the general public in London by; 

(i) Establishing Madrassah classes that support children to help themselves to develop confidence, gain a true understanding of the Qur’aan and Sunnah and help them fulfil their roles as young people and leaders of a wider community.

 (ii) Offers Community Language Studies to children and adults-  Arabic, Somali, and English teachings.

  • Empowering young people to preserve both their religious and cultural identities and become well-rounded citizens. 
  • We collaborate with parents and local stakeholders to educate young people about being a good citizen and the necessity of preserving one’s identity and cultural values.
  • To learn and adopt good manners to excel by preventing young children from negative influence and encouraging them to focus on their education and making a difference in the community and wider society.
  • Providing the provision of places of worship; raising awareness and understanding of religious beliefs and welcoming community integration as well as delivering culturally competent well-being services to the local community.